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Product review

Posted on January 30, 2015 at 1:14 PM Comments comments (26)
I don’t normally do product reviews here, but when I find something that works well form me in the shop environment I feel I should pass along that information.  In the shop keeping my hands, tools, customers cars and just about anything I touch clean is very important. Lately I have been using Monk Mechanics Hand Cleaner 3-D Textured Towels. They come in one of those plastic containers that you can pull up and rip off a single towel when needed.  The towel itself has sort of honeycomb texture to it and is very durable, its also moist with a pleasant scented cleaner. These towels are great at removing greasy fingerprints from just about anything. I find them especially useful for quick hand cleanup after doing something particularly messy like an oil change or handling greasy parts such as wheel bearings. I was never one of those guys that glove up every time I do something. I find latex gloves hard to work in, rip easily and just become a sweaty mess. The Monk Towels are a great alternative to the gloves for keeping hands clean and fast cleanup. Just grab a Monk wipe and clean off your hands and ready to back the customer’s car out without fear of leaving fingerprints all over the place, something a dry shop towel just can’t do. Product information says it will “remove grease, oil, ink, paint and grime from skin, metals and many more surfaces”.    See more info @  or contact Bill Brail 856-786-7300 for purchase information.